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BaaS: Business-as-a-Service

The Best Way to Outsource

All outsourcing process is not created the same. It is best to know what you are getting in real terms. Even the traditional way can sound effective with the right spin. Here in YBL International, we have taken the industry lead, showing you what it really means and why it is important for you to know the TRUTH.

Current businesses model on HR functions or procurement, branding the business, mailroom, courier, logistic, sales operations, maintaining reputation, industry operation processes, outsourcing customer service, office & pantry supply or Business as a Service (BaaS) as the way to go. Businesses failure or shrinking in spend or struggling in reaching their ROI must surely look for an alternate success method.




For any of the company requirements, a company can approach YBL International as a proven provider. Listed Here are few benefits of choosing us.

  • Low cost management
  • Scalable business process
  • Reliable with minimal risks
  • Skilled and experienced professionals
  • Increased efficiency
  • Focused core business activities
  • Stay ahead than competitors

We are glad to guarantee to meet your requirements of Business as a Service (BaaS) provider for you. Our specialized approach for BaaS enables our clients in achieving their business target and expanding their market globally.

At YBL International, we also help you in getting new clients for your business and also land you in next level of market with low cost ownership with highest value-added.

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Here’s a sampling of comments from the thousands of satisfied YBL customers we have serve. Some are identified by name and some are from customers whose company policies require them to remain nameless. We hope you’ll write to us about your positive experience with us, too.

“Just wanted to let you know that YBL saved the day for me by providing a truck and 2 men to pick up in Putrajaya, this morning between 9 and 10 am and deliver to Kuala Lumpur by 12 noon. Thank you!”

Mohd Izzam, Putrajaya.

“YBL, my name is Mr Tan BC and I am the district manager for a pharmaceutical company. I have been working with YBL and its team for about 3 years. I just want to say they do a great job of servicing us. I had a situation the other day where I had movers set up to assist us in moving some equipment and they never showed up. I called YBL and asked if he could assist. He said he had to take a quick call and would get back to me. About 10 minutes later he called me back and he was in his truck asking me where the location was and he was out on his way. YBL got me out of a tough situation. We were able to service our customer without a hitch. I say OUR customer because YBL and its team are true partners. Thanks! ”

Mr Tan BC

Thank you so very much for providing our courier services to the charity program, and although I am leaving my position here, I feel comfortable knowing that this service will remain as efficient as it always has been. I would certainly highly recommend your company, and these specific employees, if anyone would ever ask! ”

Miss Natasha